Women’s Rights Advocacy

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Women’s Rights Advocacy

The Women’s Resource Center, WRC hereafter, advocates at the following levels:

• On the national level our advocation includes but is not limited to:
• Ensuring gender equality; combating gender-based violence;  protecting human rights defenders;  addressing gender and reproductive  rights legislation, public policy issues, and implementing social change measures;
• Monitoring state policies, regulations, operation of institutions related to women’s rights, and raising alarming issues,
•  Advocacy for gender-based approaches within the framework of state policies, legislation development, and implementation.
•  On the international level:
• Advocacy for UN treaty bodies and development of shadow reports to special rapporteurs,
• Advocacy of proposals made to the state by UN treaty bodies at the national level;
• Advocacy for women’s rights in other international arenas, including the Council of Europe and the European Union.