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The following awareness-raising activities are carried out within the framework of the SRHR program:

• “My Body – My Right” sexual health courses have been conducted since 2007, with the main goal of raising awareness on various aspects of SRHR, as well as creating a safe space for women to discuss various issues. The course consists of 8 sessions for women aged 18-35.

• There are two-day trainings on SRHR topics for different groups of women, in particular, women living with HIV, women with disabilities, women from the Yezidi community, etc.

• Training courses are provided for both non-governmental and international organizations and individuals, raising awareness on women’s rights, particularly women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

• Meetings, discussions with parents about adolescents’ specific issues, current trends in sex education, emphasizing the importance of talking and open communication.

• Training courses are provided for health care providers, particularly family physicians, obstetricians and gynecologists, raising awareness and the need for a discrimination-free approach in providing reproductive health services to different groups of women.

• Within the framework of the project, numerous thematic periodicals, articles are published, as well as PSAs are shot. • The project also has a Facebook page, My Body-My Right, which posts informative articles and materials, as well as provides online consultation for women.

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