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Women’s rights course

The women’s rights course is one of the permanent programs of the WRC, which is implemented trice a year. The aim of the course is to raise public awareness on women’s issues and rights. The course covers the following topics:
• Human rights,
• Gender,
• Gender-based violence,
• Feminism,
• Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights,
• Women, Peace, Security Agenda.
The course is free and after participation in all the classes, a certificate of participation is issued. Participants also have the opportunity to apply for small feminist grants at the end of the course. The course is open to all persons over 16 years of age.

Meeting with a psychologist

The WRC organizes a series of public meetings with a psychologist for women and girls. These meetings aim to create a safe environment where women can talk about issues of interest to them and discuss professional approaches to them.
The WRC also organizes personal growth courses done through art therapy. This group work is designed for women and girls. Art therapy is one of the modern branches of psychotherapy and it is based on the principle of creative self-expression of a person. Art therapy has been widely used in psychotherapeutic, psychological and self-awareness work with both children and adults.
The training program consists of ten consecutive meetings, each of which is aimed at the self-expression of the participants, the self-knowledge of their own emotions and feelings, which will be realized through a fairy-tale-creative way.

The main topics are:
• Self-attitude, self-expression, self-knowledge,
• Problems with self-essteem and the development of strategies to address these issues;
• Identification of problems in interpersonal relations and the development of appropriate strategies.

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