Women's rights and Empowerment

One of the main priority areas of Women's Resource Center is women's rights and empowerment. In this area the following projects and programs are implemented:

- Safe space : that includes a welcoming area and a referral service for all women and girls visiting the center

- Services: Library, languages and computer classes, art and yoga classes

- Women's Rights trainings

- Sexual and Reproductive health and Rights program: My Body My Right workshops, counseling, discussions and awareness activities, info-flyers and publications available to the public

- Collective and public actions 

- Feminist corner: creative corner, consiousness-raising groups, satruday discussions and events

- GirlsTalk program for teenager girls 

- Women's Clubs: including art club, peace club, book and film club

- Integrated security programs, well-being and digital security 

- Feminist Talks 

- Feminist Forums : 3 day get-together with members, activists reflecting on our feminsit activism and creating solidarities