The Women’s Resource Center of Armenia (WRCA) was founded in 2003. It is the first drop-in resource center created for young women in Armenia in the post-soviet era. The main objective of WRCA is to give women necessary tools to become active members of society through various types of teaching, training, and support. The WRCA work ethic is based on a democratic structure where women make decisions and run the organization collectively.

Volunteer work, participation, and active membership are all essential parts of the activities offered. In the beginning stages, we worked within the Yerevan State University. In 2006, WRCA moved outside of the university, and began to offer services to all women regardless of their age, education, sexual orientation, or social status. WRCA was among the first non-governmental organizations in Armenia that raised the issue of sexual violence towards women, and offered a hotline for survivors.

Since 2008, the Sexual Crisis Center offers legal and psychological counseling.

Our organization is active in the South Caucasus region. In fact, we take measures to solve the issues of gender discrimination and gender based violence among refugee women from Azerbaijan, Iraq, and Syria. We are also a founding member of the Women’s Coalition For Peace and the Young Women’s Network of South Caucasus. Also, WRCA has a branch in Nagorno-Karabakh working on raising the voices of women directly affected by the conflict and their involvement in peace processes.

Our volunteers are enthusiastic young girls and women who believe in creating an equal society. Volunteering in our organization is not only an essential part of our activities, but also a fundamental foundation of our organization. Many projects were created by the innovative
 ideas of our volunteers, and some of those are still running.



The Women's Resource Center aims to contribute to the creation of an Armenian democratic society where feminist values and aspirations are accepted. By challenging individual and political patriarchal attitudes towards women's involvement in all spheres of public life, WRCA works towards creating a space free from all kind of discrimination where all women and girls can feel empowered to live and act in safety and peace.



The Women's Resource Center is a feminist organization working with and for women. Its main goal is to create a safe space for all women and girls to empower themselves and challenge patriarchal institutions and discriminatory attitudes for a more inclusive and equal society. Through consciousness-raising, education and support, we aim at creating a safe and enabling environment for women and girls to develop their personal and professional skills and self-confidence, engage in collective actions for change.