Discrimination and sexism in Armenia

The concept of multiple and intersectional discrimination is fully absent from the Republic of Armenia’s policy on elimination of discrimination against women. The State agencies do not provide any data or information on the violation of rights of marginalized groups of women as a result of discrimination they suffer on multiple grounds. Because of numerous stereotypes and discrimination they are subjected to both within their communities and by the society at large, women from ethnic minorities, rural women, women with disabilities, bisexual, lesbian, transgender women, women with HIV/AIDS cannot effectively exercise their rights to education, healthcare, work, participation in social and cultural life of the society.

It is worth to note, that intersectionality is never considered while drafting the laws and other legal acts of the Republic of Armenia. Impact of the legislative amendments on several categories of vulnerable women (women with disabilities, LBT women…) and their special needs are never assessed by the Government and the suggestions of the human rights organizations on this issues are never taken into consideration.

It is highly problematic that those organizations and individuals who work for the protection and promotion of women’s rights in Armenia are excluded from the process of elaboration of policy measures adopted by the Government for combating sex role stereotyping and gender discrimination.