It is almost 3 years that we are working with teenagers’ parents from different regions of Armenia in the framework of the ''Parents for happy kids'' project. Through this project we have already developed the capacity of more than 500 parents on parent-child communication.

It is important to note that in many groups the main expectation of parents on their children’s future is related only to school and classes. And it is worth to mention that the main parent-child conflicts were related to the process of preparation of classes. And here is the question: Why are we so strict in our demands? What is the problem?

Maybe we need to reconsider our parenting approaches? Maybe the child first of all needs some time to do something he/she likes, to calm his/her feelings, then to prepare his/her lessons? Otherwise the child is trying to prepare the lessons as quickly as he/she can to have a free time to do what he/she likes most.

And finally, the last question for reflection, is it necessary to learn well in all subjects in school for being happy? Wouldn't child be happy if he/she does what he/she likes most? Is it important to study at the university for being happy? May be he/she can be also a good hairdresser? These are important questions, because they make us to think about our parenting styles, approaches and review our approaches.

As a member of this society, I can say that it is very important to develop happiness and the value of being happy at an early age of a child.